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Warranty & Returns


Oluve has full confidence in its products and provides an excellent warranty for users of our products. On all products we provide the factory warranty. The duration of the warranty varies by product and is stated in the product description under “Additional Information” > “Warranty”.

The warranty only applies if;
The product has been used correctly;
The product shows signs of normal use only;
The product has not been repaired by unauthorized persons;
You can provide us the proof of purchase.

Normal wear due to use is not backed by warranty.

Should your product be defective, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible by phone: +31 (0)85 8780221 or mail: Please send pictures if you can, and wait for instructions.  

Return of a product or core part

If you’d like to return a product or core part for the deposit fee, please fill out our return form, or use the packing slip. Please return the product(s) in the riginal packaging and send the return shipment to the following address:

Pluggematen 1
8331 TV Steenwijk
The Netherlands

Complete the return form or packing slip and  add it to your parcel. We are unable to process a return without the return form or packing slip. Refund payments will only be made using the same payment method you used to make the initial purchase.
Do you want to exchange a product for another product?  Please add this to the return form.

Would you like to read our complete terms for returning a product for a refund? Then click “Withdrawal” at the bottom of the site.